Amusing Airline Anecdotes

Half term is nearly upon us, and for those of us seeking to go on a trip away somewhere which involves a short-haul flight, beware of the squirrels.


Have you read about the squirrel that got banned from a flight? Or how the horse got on in the first place? You may think this sort of weird remarks as coming from the Guinness Book of Strange Records, but they are absolutely true.

They are not the kind of anecdotes people come up with to break the ice during silent and perhaps awkward dinner conversations, or perhaps sprout to look smart, aware or knowledgeable in the company of others.

Animals are allowed on aeroplanes in certain cases. Why is this so and how is this possible?

Well, airlines recently introduced that policy in order to help passengers with a fear of flying to cope. Some passengers have anxieties about travelling up and down in a flying metal tin can along with hundreds of fellow passengers sardined together and driven around with no control – having an animal comfort companion is a way of establishing some control and taking your mind off an otherwise stressful situation.

In the past, a turkey has travelled on a plane. There are also pictures of a horse. Cats and dogs are more common. The carriage of animals has to be booked in advance of course, but even so, a woman who booked in her pet squirrel as a travelling companion had to be removed from a flight. But not first before standing her ground and having the whole planeload of passengers disembarking.

What a nuisance caused by a squirrel!

This tale may be recounted to you by the passenger in the seat next to you as a welcome distraction from in flight demonstrations. And if you are feeling in a bit of a gregarious mood, why not tell your fellow passenger about the music composer with two skulls? You can read more about Joseph Haydn (yes, there really are two skulls in his tomb!) from the Piano Teachers N4 website.

Happy holidays!