Inventions and music

Do you want to make a great fortune? Nowadays the world is teemed with people trying to make it big with the next big thing. Everyone wants to make a product that will be consumed and will have great purchases. You may argue that it is an evolutionary trait in humans to invent things. Our forefathers invented things to improve the quality of their lives, or also to improve the yield of their crops and farming. Can you imagine life without items such as the light bulb? Can you imagine what people would have lived like had they had no sanitation? (In many parts of the world, some still don’t.)

One of the inventions that changed the modern world greatly was the invention of barbed wire. The simple principle of intertwining wires together and then laying out these wires across posts to enclose land was so revolutionary, that at one factory, production of wire ballooned from 36 miles of wire to over 250,000 miles of wire just six years later. Barbed wire has made its inventor, one John Gates, a very rich man. Gates used to wager that his wire, however flimsy looking, could keep wild animals penned in, and often took bets on the strength of his wire. But uncannily, it wasn’t the strength of the wire, that helped popularise the invention. It was the advertising and attention brought about by these bets that brought the wire to the eyes of Americans, who were alerted to a cheap material to help them command land.

So barbed wire was an invention that had a modern impact. But inventions do not need to be physical items. They can be ideas, musical structures, and things which exist only in the aesthetic. The composer Gustav Holst wrote a tone poem, a symphonic work – rather than a symphony which composers of the past had written. But tone poems helped break down traditional structures and gave rise to a musical landscape. We would still be writing symphonies if other formal structures had not been invented.

The human spirit involves creativity. Get thinking about ideas, find solutions, and be creative while going about them!