Human beings like control. Whether we care to admit or not, we all exert control over various areas of our life. We decorate our homes in the style we like. We buy things that we like, even if we don’t need them. But control does not necessarily mean we indulge in the things that are good for us. We may force ourselves to go out to exercise, either by running or perhaps by heading off to the gym to do weights, in a bid to exert control over the functions of our bodies. The end result is not necessary satisfactory. We may not like running when it is cold and rainy but at least there is some satisfaction of mental control.

But what if we are in situations we have no control over? For example, we may not be able to choose who we work with at the workplace. It may be down to the big boss who pairs people up by skill sets. In this type of situation, you could still maintain some level of control. Try to have some say over how things are done and the process of doing so. At least it would give you some sanity!

A good skill to develop control is in learning a musical instrument. Obviously, the demands of learning instruments vary, depending on which instrument you are learning. If you are learning drums, you need good overall coordination, but won’t necessarily need to have an acute idea of notation like, say for example, you would if you were learning the piano. As the Finsbury Park Piano Teachers website tells us, learning the piano involves six or seven different skills all at the same time. You have to read two different lines of music, understand what the notes and rhythmic symbols mean for each line (that’s four skills already), and then co-ordinate the hands (five) while simultaneously reading the music (six) and having a rough idea of where the keys under your fingers are (seven). The eyes have to scan and take in information while monitoring all these at the same time. So perhaps there’s your key to developing control and confidence to set yourself up for life. Learn the piano!