Harassment works both ways

Imagine a lady in a job interview. The interviewers ask her some questions about herself, her previous work experience, her qualifications. Perhaps she is interviewing to be a teacher. Then one of the people on the panel asks her if she would be comfortable teaching in an all-boys class, especially since she is a young attractive lady, and the boys, being teenage boys, may have crushes on her. When she consequently says she can deal with it despite not ever having been in relationship before, the interviewer, a man twice her age, demonstrates on her how people kiss just so that she knows.

You wouldn’t accept that kind of thing, and you might think she would be well within her rights to file for harassment.

So why is it seemingly okay if the genders are reversed? Katy Perry seemed to think it was okay to kiss a young twenty-year old man without his consent on American Idol. When she asked him to kiss her on the cheek, she turned around and kissed him full on at the last minute. She tricked him. She manipulated him, and lured him in.

Just because the offender is a woman, we are supposed to think that it is okay, that the man benefitted in a way from a free kiss.

Unfortunately after all the work that has been done by women against sexual harassment, all the negative backlash against Harvey Weinstein, we have just proven ourselves to hold double standards.