New Year resolutions, and evolution

This is the first post for the new year, so let’s just say a belated happy new year! How did you spend new year’s eve? For some people, the period between Christmas and New Year is one continuous stretch of partying and drinking and eating. New Year’s eve might have been nothing different, merely a repeat of the day after Boxing Day. For others, new year’s eve is more of a special event, spent with family members in the living room, reminiscing about the past, playing board games such as Monopoly, Cluedo, or other board games that might have been consigned to the loft for the remainder of the year. Others might prefer poker or other card games, while others might take to the streets and public events to see the new year countdown. Normally there are events where people sing, dance, perhaps do a bit of magic, or some other variety performance, while the hours, minutes and seconds tick closer to closer towards the new year.

A popular thing to do in the new year is to make resolutions. For some it may be something such as to lose weight or to improve one’s health by doing some exercise. It is no wonder that gyms sometimes report that the period between December and January are the peak signing up seasons, as memberships get given for Christmas or people start thinking about starting afresh and doing something new in the new year. A resolution need not be something physical, it may involve something altruistic such as being kinder to others, or involve learning a new skill.

What is true about the new year though, is that in making changes in order to better ourselves, we realise that we have to evolve and cannot simply remain the way we are. Life is a process – unfortunately for those who hope to simply stay on top of things by doing them the same old way. Even things such as pop music or classical music have to evolve in order to remain relevant. (You can find out more about the latter from the Piano Lessons N4 website.)

Why not let that be one of your new year resolutions – to evolve and better yourself? You may find that this one choice covers a whole multitude of resolutions.