Teaching as a career

Being involved in education seems a worthy thought. It gives you a chance to be involved with the future generation. It allows you to shape the minds and the thoughts of those who will come after you. And that in itself is a very scary thought. There is also a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. If the children in the school leave without any worthy qualifications that will enable them to find proper careers beyond riding motorbikes and doing deliveries, it’s down to you – or at least, there must be some responsibility borne by you for the children under your care. But of course, it is not entirely your responsibility. After you deduct the hours of sleeping, eating and other matters of daily routine you may find that school roughly takes up half the time of a child’s daily life. The other is at home with the family, and of course if not much education is going on there, then the family has to share the responsibility of the overall culpability!

If you were ever thinking of a career in teaching or education then don’t be seduced by the advertising. Just like the Navy would love you to believe you enjoy the warm seas, sand, while lounging on the beach being watched by beautiful ladies in bikinis, nothing could be further from the truth. No one tells you about the mosquitoes, freezing oceans, having to ration your eating, always feeling cold and tired, and life on a ship and its boredom, and having to submit to the will of the captain, who is God on a boat. It’s the same with teaching. Depending on where you pursue it, you could be put on a pedestal. Or you could be treated like the scum of the earth!

Teaching does not involve just standing in a classroom. You could be a tutor, teach a class, or be some form of an instructor. You could be a music teacher by day, and a piano teacher by night like this Hornsey piano teacher here. It is about packaging your skills in a different way. And after you have become involved in music as a piano teacher, a good career move would be to branch out into other aspects like piano removals, publishing, home moving, event-organising. Leverage your skills and branch out!